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Several publishers, writers, and thinkers have drawn lists of the quintessential works of Western Civilization. This page presents several such lists along. from Appendix A of How to Read a Book, by Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren The Liberal Studies Great Books Program at Malaspina University-College bases its program on the list of Drs. Adler and Van Doren. Homer (9th Century B.C.?) Iliad

Gutenberg's Great Books List. Like other Great Books colleges, then, Gutenberg College's curriculum centers on the discussion, in small groups, of the following. To read how the University of Chicago selected its curriculum, click here.

23 Apr 2017. Lists of the Great Books from great critics, fully indexed by author, culture, and time period. Eastern and World Canons | Contemporary Canon | Other Lists of Great Books | My Reading Lists | Indexes to these Great Books Lists. St. John's College graduate program in Eastern classics (Santa Fe campus)

The Top 50 greatest fiction books of all time determined by 128 lists and articles from various critics, authors and experts. Great Books. "Great Books is an hour- long documentary and biography program that aired on The Learning Channel.

Online Great Books is an online community developing classically educated men and women using the Great Books of Western Civilization. Online Great Books allows us to learn as our civilization learned, by reading the key texts completely and in order, so our fund of knowledge grows, just as it. The OGB reading list.

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The Reading List. In Torrey Honors, we have the opportunity to step into a great conversation that stretches from the writers of the Old. With hundreds of great books to choose from, we know we can't fit in everything we want to read.

Great Books Curriculum. St. John's College was founded in 1696 and is best known for the Great Books curriculum that was adopted in 1937. While the list of books has evolved over the last century, the tradition of all students reading.

Our list was chosen based on the following criteria:. The philosophy of the Great Books program at Mercer University is as follows, "the great books that are read, discussed, and written about in the program are among the most important.

Students in the Program of Liberal Studies take six four-credit Great Books Seminars, one each semester. Almost all of the books you will read in the Great Books seminars are of enduring value and texts that have had a considerable influence on the subsequent tradition (which is more or less. Seminar I Reading List.

The reading of the great books culminates a good classical education as it requires all the skills that classical education aims to develop in a child. The Great Books. For the complete five-year reading list, see our curriculum guide. To see our.

Great books are books that constitute an essential foundation in the literature of Western culture. Specified sets of great books typically range from 100 to 150, though they differ according to purpose and context. For instance, some lists are built to be read by undergraduates in a college semester system (130 books, Torrey. The Great Books Program is a curriculum that makes use of this list of texts.

9 Aug 2018. Why Scott's program goes through the books in chronological order; Why reading the great books is a lifelong project, and not a bucket list item; What's the reward in reading this stuff? The trivium model; The genesis of the.

Below, you'll find a see a list of “Core-like” books, texts and readings which are studied in other “great books” courses around the. Many of these courses are offered by programs affiliated with the Association of Core Texts and Curricula.

Sample Readings. We at Great Books are often asked for reading lists to support the suggested or required readings of school book lists. Below you will find some excerpts from a wide cross-section of world classics, ranging from the ancient.

Teachers and parents are assisted with their choices through the “ Recommended Reading List.” This list includes over 1,700 titles compiled by the Providence Book Committee. The objective of this committee is to provide a list of books that.

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10 Mar 2017. I can never repay you for believing that 15-year-olds are capable of reading as much as graduate students!. Perusing a typical four-year Great Books Program reading list will give the reader some idea of the difficulty, and.

The 100 Great Books list posted here is not quite 100 Great Books, as we are still reading. of maturity in order to glean the full benefit from reading them, therefore his Great Books program is four years, meant for 9th through 12th graders.

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